Get Prepared

Something inevitable is coming.

Are you ready for


Power Outages

When the power goes out and the grid goes down, are you prepared for the worst possible scenerio?

Lost Data

Important documents, photos, prescriptions, Emergency Phone Numbers!

Enough Food and Water

After you read this sentence ask yourself do we have enough to get by for at least 72 hours for the the size of our family. Is it out of date or just about to expire?


Depending on the type of disaster that occurs, do you have what it takes for you and your loved ones to survive? Fur Babies Included!


Is your home or building Safe and Secure to leave if you need to relocate to a safer environment?


Are you running on empty in your vehicle? I bet the gas stations wont stay open just for you.

About Us

We weren't ready


It was a reality check at the last moment followed by regret for not knowing or having what we needed

Years of Planning and Preparing


Over 10 years of disaster preparedness with current smart home technology knowledge

We have a plan for you!


Either at home or a work we have multiple solutions for you and your family